These Woll Yarn Creations Can Make Your Home Colored

Handycrafts – Woll thread is a type of thread that is larger in size than sewing thread. Woll yarn can be used not only for scarves or sweaters, but also for various unique and interesting crafts. The following summarizes 5 creations of woll yarn that can make your house even more colorful.

1. Do you have used tires? Wrap it with colorful threads to make chairs.


2. Your mats are boring? try to create a woll thread as below.


3. Bored with the plain design of the pencil holder? Time to create something unique.


4. This colorful wall clock made of woll yarn might make you more  on-time .


5. Wrapping the yarn woll with balloons, you can create a ceiling decoration in a house and even a cafe.



More Information : 

Woll Fiber Texture

Woll Fiber Texture

Woll fibers are used for making, Woll fibers have a soft texture. These fibers are available in various different quality levels. Wool fiber is one example of raw materials for textile production obtained from processing natural fibers of sheep and goat hair (animals from the Caprinae family). But this fiber can also come from mammals. others such as alpaca, camels, and ilama Softer, warmer animal fibers tend to have more scales and are finer.

 Definition of Fiber

Less thick animal fibers usually have a few scales and a special rough sera woll that is found in sheep. The types of sheep developed are mostly merino sheep originating from Spain in 1400. Merino wool is very fine and high quality. micron. The difference in diameter and length of the wool fiber affects the strength, luster, curling and color of the wool fiber. Where wool fiber which has better quality usually looks more dull than poor quality fibers

Some characteristics of wool fiber;

  • As a natural animal fiber wool fiber is not only reusable but also biodegradable.
  • Wool fiber consists of proteins that form the outer protective layer of human skin.
  • Wool fiber has a appearance that looks wrinkled and tends to be elastic.
  • Lower fire spread, heat release and combustion heat.
  • Resistant to static electricity.
  • Hygroscopic alias has the ability to absorb good water molecules and the fabric cavity is very comfortable.

Suitable Fiber Types Made in Fabric

In ancient times people made cloth with only a handful of king’s fiber. But now there are many fibers that are the basic material for cloth for clothing. These types of fibers greatly affect the characteristics of the fabric, which in turn will also automatically affect the characteristics of the clothes. So that you are wiser in choosing clothes, you should better get to know the main ingredients of fabric.

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of fibers if distinguished according to their origin, namely natural fibers and artificial fibers. Natural fibers come from natural ingredients, namely from plants and animals. For homemade fiber, it is usually made from non-organic ingredients combined with chemicals. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. So you know more about natural fibers and artificial fibers along with fibers that are suitable for fabric.

Cotton Fiber

Cotton is a natural fiber taken from cotton plants. This fiber is the fiber that is considered the softest and safest. Because of these characteristics, these fibers are commonly used as fabrics for children’s clothing. In addition, this fiber is suitable as a basic material for all-season clothing.

Wool Fiber

Wool fiber is fiber from animals, specifically sheep fur. Although wool is generally made from sheep fur, there is also wool made from other animal hair, such as llamas and alpaca. The characteristics of this fiber are thick and warm so it is more suitable for use in winter. Because thick can warm the body, and wool fiber is not easy to wrinkle

Silk Fiber

This one natural fiber is the most powerful natural fiber compared to other natural fibers. has characteristics that are comfortable to use as a base material for clothing. Besides soft on the skin, fabrics with silk fibers look beautiful and luxurious. Because of these characteristics, the price of fabrics with silk fibers tends to be much more expensive with other fabrics.

Spandex Fiber

Sepandex fiber does indeed have flexibility. Spandex fiber can return to its original shape despite being attracted 600 times. In addition, its strength also does not need to be doubted.

Besides being resistant to the sun’s heat, spandex fiber is also resistant to oil. If used as fabric for clothing, spandex fiber is very light on the body so it is often used as sports clothing


for spinning or felting


Please go to the Louet web site to see all the fibers available from them. Below are some of the fibers I do have in stock, fibers not in stock but listed on the Louet web site may still be ordered. Prices and availability subject to change.
Colors may vary from actual due to the scanning process and individual monitors.
Prices are for 1/2 pound (8ounce) bags of fiber

  • White Merino Top (18 micron) – $21.00

  • Angora Top – $55.00

  • White Merino Top (22 micron) – $13.50

  • Water Retted Flax Top – $13.00

  • Colored Carded Merino – $13.00

  • Bleached Flax Top – $21.00

  • Cultivated Silk Top – $43.00

  • Hemp Top – $16.00

  • Tussah Silk Top – $23.00

  • SoySilk Natural Top – $14.50

  • Norwegian White Top – $11.00
  • Northern Lights Printed Top – $25.00
  • Fine Grey Shetland Top – $12.50
    other colors white, black, brown

100% pure virgin wool
great for spinning or wet felting, the batt form also works great for needle felting

any of the same 56 colors available from their classic yarn line may be ordered.

$16.00 per 8 ounce bag


Inox Aluminum Double Point 8″ length
5 needles/set
size 0 to 5

size 6 to 8

size 9 to 10.5




Aluminun Circular 16″, 24″, 29″ Size 1 to 5

Size 6 to 8

Size 9 to 10 1/2




5 needles/set 20 cm Size 0000 (1.25mm)

Size 000 (1.5mm)

Size 00 (1.75mm)

Size 0 (2.0mm)

Inox Sock & Glove 5 needles/set 15 cm Size 0 (2.0mm)

Size 2 (2.5mm)

Size 3 (3.0mm)

Size 4 (3.5mm)

Clover Bamboo 5 needles/set Double Point 7″ Size 0 to 2 $7.75/set
Size 3 to 5 $8.00/set
Size 6 to 8 $8.25/set
Size 9 to 10 1/2 $8.75/set
Clover Circular 16,  24,  29″ Size:  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Size:9, 10, 10.5
Size  11, 13, 15
36″ Size 3 to 10.5
Size 11, 13, 15
Lakewood Birch Needles 5″ double points
(5 needles per set)
size 1 to 8
size 9 to 10.5
7″ double points
(5 needles per set)
size 2 to 8
size 9 to 10.5
size 11, 13, 15
size 17, 19

Vivian Høxbro Design Collection

To view the color selections please go to Vivian’s web site –
I do keep a few kits in stock, but willing to order in the kit and color you would like. Depending on the time of year it takes about 2 weeks for me to get a kit in.
Each kit contains enough Harrisville Shetland Style – 100% pure wool (50% is merino) yarn to complete the largest size. I hope to be able to list the colors used in the colorways so you have more of an idea of the colors, in addition to looking at pictures on Vivian’s web site.

 Size Suggested Retail MY Price
Trip-Trap Vest Stepped design. Ruana-like in its ease of wear and verstility. S/M (L/XL)
Width  48 (54)”
Length 24 1/2 (26)”
$124.00 $105.40
Trip-Trap Jacket $140.00 $127.50
Marimekko Poncho Made using the “Domino Knitting” technique. Comes in one size only, with a long vee front and back length for flattering comfort. One Size $180.00 $153.00
Bumblebee Sweater or Bumblebee Jacket  – same kit Ther vertical lines are broken up with subtle color block which cross the body in a chevron pattern. The neck forms a rounded, flattering vee. Short or long sleeve version. S (M/L) XL
Width  43 3/4  (49 1/4) 54 3/4″
Length 24 1/4 (25 1/2) 26 3/4″
$136.00 $115.60
City Jacket A traffic-stopper, with its contrast stripes and multidirectional diagonals. XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Width 39 1/2 (42 1/2) 45 3/4 (48 3/4) 52 (55)”
Length 21 1/4( 23) 24 1/2 (26) 27 1/2 (29)”




City Sweater xs-s-m-l




Rainbow Jacket All the flattering delights of vertical color panels are offered in this symmetrical design, with the soft collar and beautiful drape. S/M  (L/XL)
Width 49 (56)”
Length   26 1/4 (28)”
$150.00 $127.50
Shadows Jacket Using her “Shadow-Knitting” technique, Vivan has designed this style with the slim person in mind. The subtle color changes suggest shadow falling on a ribbed surface – truly original. Asymmetrical overlapping and short length are exciting details. S   M
Width 39 1/2  42 1/2″
Length 17   18″
$106.00 $90.00
Wine Leaves Sweater or Jacket The “Domino-Knitting” technique employed by Vivian in this eye-catching design created and intricate diagonal pattern within each square. S/M      L/XL
Width 49    53″
Length  26 1/4     28 1/4″
$154.00 $130.95
Zigzag Vest This is designed in 2 lenghts and one width for all sized and is meant to be wide, affording a comfortable casual garment. The bottom edge is finished with knitted pompoms.  one size
width  37″
short/medium length  22″
long/xlong length 32″




Cables Sweater $136.00 $115.60
Collared Jacket $136.00 $115.60
Harrisville Jacket $150.00 $127.50
Nihon Kimono $136.00 $115.60
Ocean Vest $90.00 $76.50
Tone-on-Tone Sweater $150.00 $127.50
Wing Shawl I $90.00 $76.50
Wing Shawl II $130.00 $110.50
Wing Shawl III $136.00 $115.60