These Woll Yarn Creations Can Make Your Home Colored

Handycrafts – Woll thread is a type of thread that is larger in size than sewing thread. Woll yarn can be used not only for scarves or sweaters, but also for various unique and interesting crafts. The following summarizes 5 creations of woll yarn that can make your house even more colorful.

1. Do you have used tires? Wrap it with colorful threads to make chairs.


2. Your mats are boring? try to create a woll thread as below.


3. Bored with the plain design of the pencil holder? Time to create something unique.


4. This colorful wall clock made of woll yarn might make you more  on-time .


5. Wrapping the yarn woll with balloons, you can create a ceiling decoration in a house and even a cafe.



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