Woll Fiber Texture

Woll Fiber Texture

Woll fibers are used for making, Woll fibers have a soft texture. These fibers are available in various different quality levels. Wool fiber is one example of raw materials for textile production obtained from processing natural fibers of sheep and goat hair (animals from the Caprinae family). But this fiber can also come from mammals. others such as alpaca, camels, and ilama Softer, warmer animal fibers tend to have more scales and are finer.

 Definition of Fiber

Less thick animal fibers usually have a few scales and a special rough sera woll that is found in sheep. The types of sheep developed are mostly merino sheep originating from Spain in 1400. Merino wool is very fine and high quality. micron. The difference in diameter and length of the wool fiber affects the strength, luster, curling and color of the wool fiber. Where wool fiber which has better quality usually looks more dull than poor quality fibers

Some characteristics of wool fiber;

  • As a natural animal fiber wool fiber is not only reusable but also biodegradable.
  • Wool fiber consists of proteins that form the outer protective layer of human skin.
  • Wool fiber has a appearance that looks wrinkled and tends to be elastic.
  • Lower fire spread, heat release and combustion heat.
  • Resistant to static electricity.
  • Hygroscopic alias has the ability to absorb good water molecules and the fabric cavity is very comfortable.